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Introduction & Acceptance of Terms of Service

By using our Service, Users agree to our Terms(, and any other policy, rules or codes of conduct relating to the Users’ use of our Service.
Please read our Terms and Privacy Policy before using our Service, if you do not consent to our Terms and Privacy Policy, you must stop using our Service.

We may at any time, and at our discretion, revise these Terms and Privacy Policy. We will notify you of major revisions to these Terms and/or Privacy Policy.
It is your responsibility to review the newest versions of Terms and Privacy Policy.


When creating an account with an e-mail address, you must use your own valid e-mail address. When creating an account with a social account, you must use your own social account. If you use an invalid e-mail address to create an account, intentionally or unintentionally, you are responsible for not receiving important information such as company news, service use, and etc.


We do not share personal information with external parties without prior consent from users unless when it is required by law.

We are not liable in any way for the disclosure of personal information caused by you.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and username. You must not allow a third party to access your account.

You may not transfer or assign any access to the Service, and other rights or licenses granted to you hereunder without our consent.

We may restrict your username in case there is a chance of leakage of personal information, or if you are considered antisocial or against the customs, or mistaken as an administrator.

We may send you notifications or news to your e-mail address or phone through SMS(MMS) that you provided to us when you created the account. We may also notify by posting on the Notice List.

We may, for business or technical purposes, modify, amend, or change the Service in whole or in part.

We may restrict or suspend the Service in whole or in part for the following instances:

  1. When installing, repairing, or inspecting the Service
  2. When facilities-based telecommunications business assigned by Telecommunications Business Act restricts the telecommunications service
  3. When power failure, equipment failure, or overflow of internet traffic restricts the Service
  4. When uncontrollable events such as natural disasters or national emergencies occur

In case paid or free contents are not provided to you due to transition, failure, or merger of our business, we will notify you, take reasonable steps to stop any monetary damage incurred to you, and maintain the Service.

When the contract between the content provider and us are terminated, the sale of the content may be suspended.

We may use cookies to collect your de-personalized information without your consent to generate statistical data to improve, develop, and operate the Service. You may control the use of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. However, when cookie storage is refused, your ability to use some features may be limited.

Suspicious Activity

In a case when a user performs any of the following activities, the user may be restricted of use from Comiglot without any prior notice:

  1. Attempt to hack, or otherwise abuse any system.
  2. Falsification, crime tampering, theft, or act of fraudulent acquisition to the use of payment.
  3. Repetitive access to the site with irregular action.
  4. Any act related to copyright infringemen. 

If a user engages in any of the activities above, Comiglot reserves the right to permanently terminate the membership and/or reject any refund requests without any prior notice.  

Copyright of Contents

You may not reproduce, distribute, rent, lease, sell, license, copy, modify or otherwise use the information you have obtained through our Service for profit.
Any copyright infringement on the contents occurs, you are subjected to the related laws.


We may collect information to improve the content quality and the Service. We take appropriate measures to secure the collected information.

All personal information of users is governed by related laws and Privacy Policy set forth by Comiglot.

Limitation of Liability

We intend to make our Service available at all times, however we are not liable when the Service is not available due to reasons beyond our control such as natural disasters, or change of law or administrative rules.

We are not liable for service failures caused by you. However, you will not be liable if the cause was reasonable or out of your control.

We are not liable for reliability or accuracy of any information, data, or facts posted on our Service, except when it was caused by gross negligence or intentionally done.

We are not liable for any damages arising out of loss of profits, or loss caused by using data from our Service.

We are not liable for any claim or dispute between you and another user, or a third party that arises in whole or in part from the Service.


We will take appropriate measures to resolve any issue, claim, or dispute between you and Comiglot that arises in whole or in part from the Service. 

Contact Information

In case if you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, please e-mail us at

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